Terms & Conditions

Conditions of use

§ 1 General conditions

1. The owner of reklamegaver4b.dk Internet Service is E-DRUCK Konrad Mikołajewski, Zaściankowa 50, 71230 Szczecin, Poland, Tax Identification Number (VAT No.) PL8512228615,.

2. ‘Printing House’ is not responsible for legal defects which result from the content and form of delivered materials for printing, including pirating and encroaching on other parties’ rights.

§ 2 Security and privacy

1. 'Printing House' keeps personal data of the clients. The databases are stored on servers maintained by our business providers:

  • in terms of website functionality and showing the offer:
    SiteGround Spain SL
    C/ Prim 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain

2. 'Printing House' uses data of clients only for proper checkout, payment, deliverying to right addresses, necessary contact during finalization of orders, informing about important changes. 'Printing House' doesn't keep neither any credit card numbers nor bank account access. Customer has right to changes and corrections in his personal data by using the adequate forms on the website or sending request in written directly to our email. 

3. By accepting these conditions customer's agree to use their personal data typed in the registration form. Personal data will not be used for promoting and marketing purposes unless customer has given voluntary permition. 

4. By accepting these conditions customer agrees to receiving information via email.

5. Website uses cookies technique which allows identification of user device and adaptation to user personal preferences. Cookies are also used for statistics purposes. Customer may switch off cookie usage on his internet browser, but in this case we can't guarantee proper functionality of our service. 

§ 3 Ordering process 

1. To place an order each customer needs to be a registered user. Registration is confirmed by email sent to email address given in the registration process. In order to finish registration in some cases, the activation link in the confirmation email may be used.

2. During the ordering process, beside the defining certain products with their options, providing the file with the user artwork may be required. Defining the delivery as well as the payment method is required too. Available methods are defined in the service. The only valid methods of delivery and payment are the methods specified on the website. It is not possible to accept any other methods.

3. After clicking "Confirm order" order is being passed to 'Printing House' for processing. Placement of the order is confirmed with confirmation email.

4. For placing the proper and valid order, materials for printing must be provided. Customer doesn't have to provide any files, when buys designing service along with the product.

5. Placed order's may be cancelled by the 'Printing House' after getting acquainted with the provided materials (files, samples, proofs, etc.) if processing the order would become technically impossible or would cause inadequately high costs.

6. The correctness of placed order along with the provided materials is confirmed personally by 'Printing House' employee. Information about correctness and acceptance of the order is confirmed with email. In this exact moment official purchase agreement is being made. Order confirmation is equivalent to drawing up an agreement between ‘Printing House’ and the client in terms of on-line shopping law.

7. Placing an order makes the client obligated to finalize it.
Warning: there's no possibility to abandon it. The customer doesn't have right to withdraw from the purchase. This is because of the specificity of the printed goods, which are personalized and therefore cannot be returned.

8. 'Printing House' doesn't take responsibility for any deviations between the customer’s expectations and printed artwork if the customer did not make hardcopy proof. This hardcopy proof, have to be provided along with the order to be used as a sample. Hard proof has to be done using the same machine, materials and with the same software as destined order. We do not accept any samples in electronic form or others made outside
of our ‘Printing House’.

§ 4 Files providing

1. Files necessary for order processing should be prepared accordingly to sugestions and instruction files which can be found in the product description pages.

2. Providing of these files may be done by:

  • choosing the proper file from the customer device during ordering process. 
  • providing files using other ways of electronic communication channels such as email, ftp server, ordinary mail, via contact form on the "Contact us" page. etc.
  • ourself made artwork done and attached to the order with our "mWizard" application. This application is available with some of our products on the website.

3. Orders containing damaged, defective files or files with virus will not be implemented. The client is immediately informed about the problem and possible ways to solve it.

4. Work sent as electronic files are printed in the same form as they were delivered by the client. The ‘Printing House’ is not obligated to amend or change the design unless the client asks for that.

5. Only on client’s request ‘Printing House’ will correct mistakes in the artworks. Changed artworks are sent via electronic way in order to get client’s approval before printing. The ‘Printing House’ has the right to charge extra fee for that changes. This extra amount is consulted with the client in advance.

6. In spite of the fact that the ‘Printing House’ declares to check the files before printing process begins, it does not guarantee that all eventual errors will be noticed and corrected. We guarantee the correctness of prepared files for printing only when designing service is purchased. 

§ 5 Terms of realization and orders delivery.

1. All terms are given in working days. By ‘working day’ it is meant each day of the week except from Saturday and Sunday and days which are free from work according to the polish law.

2. Implementation term given on the product pages is counted from the confirmation of the properly placed order (See §3.6)
Note: The term of implementation does not include delivery time so if the order should be sent by post or courier the client must take the delivery time into account.

3. The maximum order realization term is defined by the order with the longest realization term. If, for example, there are 2 products ordered, one of them has 3 working days realization term and the second of them 5 working days, then the realization term of entire order is 5 working days.

4. A valid implementation term is always an information prepared and relayed by one of our employees in email confirmation or by phone. In case of necessary preparatory or adaptive work to realize the order (for example: working out and project acceptation, files preparing etc.), the term of realization can lengthen. Our client is always informed about this fact.

5. The ‘Printing House’ is not responsible for defects and delays in orders implementation caused by incorrectly prepared artworks.

6. Order realization term or one of its positions might be not kept due to uninfluenced circumstances (for example: failure). In this case, client is informed about this fact.

7. The ‘Printing House’ is not responsible for defects and delays in orders implementation caused by defective drivers and software.

8. Delivery is made by the agency of national post operator or courier shipping. There is also a possibility of personal receipt in company’s office before previous telephone agreement.

9. All delivery costs are covered by the buyer.

§ 6 Payment

1. Placing an order makes the client financially obligated to finalize it. Payments may be done via channels given at the moment on the website. 

Bank wire, cash on delivery, PayPal, , , MasterCardVisa

Payment channels availibility depends on delivery method, lacalization, currency.

2. When total price for the order exceeds (approx) 2500 PLN, £500, €700, $750 prepayment may be required by mandatory.

3. By accepting these conditions customer agrees to receiving invoices or receipts via internet.

§ 7 VAT exemption

1. Each transaction is documented with invoice or receipt, with VAT amount presented on it. Standard rate for VAT in Poland is 23%.

2. According to EU tax relations (intra-Community acquisition) business customers from European Union with valid VAT number and delivery address outside Poland, are eligible to pay total price without 23% VAT.

3. In case of delivery to address in Poland 23%VAT is charged by mandatory.

4. Eligibility to pay total price without 23% VAT is determined automatically by VAT number provided by the customer. VAT number may be validated on VIES website, which is managed by the EU Commission.

5. Business customers from European Union which are not charged VAT, accordingly to their local law, may have to report intra-community transaction using standard VAT return form. For details please ask your accountant department.

§ 8 Complaints

1. There are some certain limitations in the litho offset print as well as in digital print. Slight colour differences may occur when comparing with the same work made on different machines and in different time. Such differences are not taken into consideration in terms of claiming.

2. According to the law, individual customized orders, may be considered for claim only when faulty and cannot be canceled by customer if the production has begun. Also, unlike in the other standard purchases made in internet, right to withdraw the purchase agreement during 14 days since receiving goods, is not implemented to such orders. This is because of the specificity of the printed goods, which are personalized and therefore cannot be returned to other customers.

3. Complaints concerning parcels’ damages during transportation must be reported right after parcel claim. Addressees are asked to write a complaint report together with the courier and immediately inform us about this fact.

4. Complaints concerning the quality of services or products can be reported within 14 days since receipt. After reporting the complaint client is obliged to send written complaint-statement on ‘Printing House’ address together with the entire order which he complained about. In case of acceptation of the complaint the ‘Printing House’ pays the cost of the shipment.

5. Complaints concerning the print quality will be rejected unless we receive the 100% of complained edition.

6. Complaints will be dealt within 7 business days of receiving written information about the clients order. In case of complaint rejection the client is obligated to pay the costs of re-delivery.

§ 9 Additional notes

1. All pictures in our Internet shop present examples of products manufactured in the past, therefore, they may differ.