Price increase

Price increase

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
our long-term cooperation has been very pleasant so far. You know us as a reliable company. We always strive for high quality work and also for the fastest possible execution

Increased raw material prices, transport costs, COVID and general cost increases are now forcing us to adjust our prices by 10-15%. The new prices apply from January 17th, 2022, so you still have the option to order under the current conditions.

We were able to offset part of the cost increases through process optimization. For this reason we have also changed our conditions: In the future, we will grant additional discounts for larger quantities, while small orders will be more expensive.

This is happening to this extent for the first time in the entire company history.

Please believe us that this step will not be easy for us, as we would like to support you in your work with the best possible quality at the best possible price. That is why I am addressing you personally today to explain why we are forced to take this step.

Due to the current situation, the market for promotional products has changed a lot for all of us. Our suppliers have to charge us higher prices for the reasons listed above. We therefore have to pass on the price increases from our upstream suppliers in order to be able to continue to work economically. As a loyal customer you know for sure that this is not the E-DRUCK type, so you can be sure that we will react accordingly as soon as the market has normalized again.

At this point I would like to clearly state that we are not making any profit from the price increases, because we know that each and every one of you is currently struggling to keep your business going.

So I now hope for your understanding. Together we will master this crisis too!

Kind regards

Konrad Mikolajewski